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It’s time to consider consignment!

Updated: Jun 28, 2021

It’s time to say goodbye to the dress that you didn’t wear all summer.

Is it time to clean out the wardrobe? Starting to run out of wardrobe space?

Instead of just throwing away your preloved clothing or your designer pieces, consider consignment. Consignment is the perfect way to resell your clothing and turning your trash into someone’s treasure.

The whole idea is to help women turn their unwanted clothing and accessories into spare cash and clothing resale is so much better for the environment. Studies estimate that by purchasing second hand and extending the life of a garment by about nine months helps to reduce the garment’s carbon, water, and waste footprints by around 20%-30% each.

And, with our help, consignment is super simple.

We will sell your mid-range and designer second hand clothes for you at our consignment store located in Epping, Sydney.

Best pieces for resale include: handbags, wallets, sunglasses, t-shirts, coats, jackets, accessories. It is always a good idea to keep authenticity, receipts, boxes, dust bags for higher-end pieces, particularly accessories.

Click here to see our consignment guidelines and start decluttering today.

A closet cleanse is good for the soul (and makes room for new purchases).

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